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The winner of special award (BB Japan award) of Tokyo Contents Market 2005 Animation section and the nominee of Tokyo Project Gathering of 19th Tokyo International Film Festival (2006.10).

※※ To the investors, ※※
We are preparing to organize the " Be Rockin' Creation Committee " for starting to create this " Be Rockn' " animation.
Investors who are willing to support this development in a financial aspect (interested in participating in the " Be Rockin' Creation Committee "),
please contact the following. We will contact you shortly.

 Message from producer

1960s-the golden era of Rock & roll, we haven't born yet but still, we can imagine the atmosphere of that day.
We couldn't get information and supplies as much as today, but a song came from overseas brought us satisfaction to our mind.
This " Be Rockin' " shouts with " rock n' roll spirit " the wonderful magic of rock & roll, passion, love, peace and something we have forgotten in our daily life.
Let's forget your worthless real life and start believing in yourself again to remember your dreams and hopes.
You will sure find your " tomorrow " that you really want to face.

Producer - Tadashi Matsuyama

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