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The winner of special award (BB Japan award) of Tokyo Contents Market 2005 Animation section and the nominee of Tokyo Project Gathering of 19th Tokyo International Film Festival (2006.10).

※※ To the investors, ※※
We are preparing to organize the " Be Rockin' Creation Committee " for starting to create this " Be Rockn' " animation.
Investors who are willing to support this development in a financial aspect (interested in participating in the " Be Rockin' Creation Committee "),
please contact the following. We will contact you shortly.


A young amateur band guitarist who admires a guitarist " Hirofumi Terada ".
He hadn’t got a chance to show his musical talent.

An ex-idol who has disappeared from the show business.
She was inspired by the song composed by Hirofumi Terada when she was an idol.
After 7 years since she disappeared, she appears on the stage.

A colleague and a girlfriend of Shun.
She is not familiar with music and she worries when she noticed that her boyfriend is distracted by the music.

A legendary guitarist.
Also a good adviser of Kyoko when she was an idol. He is now active as a session guitarist.

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